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French Cutlery inspired by the Sea

French Cutlery inspired by the Sea

Since 2005, Neptunia has created and distributed seamanship’s knives, hand-made in France by the best craftsmen.

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Neptunia wants to offer every man a part of dreams by revealing new horizons, and it strives to assemble talents to give life to your desires of authenticity and quality. Neptunia awakens your senses with materials coming from elsewhere. The protection of nature, the environment, and enhancement of our heritage are part of Neptunia’s values. Consequently, we strictly control the origin of the materials.

A few words from Thierry Henriot

thierry henriot

« I am building the Neptunia Universe with you to give you satisfaction and create vibrant and poetic knives for you, as keys to the worlds of your dreams, worlds filled with regattas and spray, bows forging through the water, constellations – and Aldebaran the gentle form that emerges from the Ocean. ». « All thanks to you, my dear clients, who are captivated by the spirit of the sea, enlightened enthusiasts of tradition and creativity who are brimming with ideas and eager to taste adventure, whether it be momentary or long-lasting ! » With warmest regards

Thierry Henriot

Neptunia's Director